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You thought you were covered for catastrophic illness when your company benefits included a Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Plan, or you went out and got one on your own.  Then when you became disabled and you put in the claim and do everything the Insurance Company told you to do. You thought you were covered,  but the insurance company sends you a letter denying the claim, or pays you for a little while, and then sends a letter telling you that you have been terminated!  Grey and Grey can help!

LTD insurance policies  provided by your employer are subject to a Federal Law, ERISA. Under the provisions of ERISA you are entitled to a copy of your entire claim file and they are required to give you an  Appeal to be reviewed by  employees in the company who were not involved in the initial decision. The company must give you 180 days from the denial to file your appeal. It is essential to provide all essential documents to your claim at the time you file your appeal as this record is the only record the Courts will look at if the case has to go to Federal Court. You cannot provide new documents after this “intra company “ appeal is complete. Only after this appeal process is complete can you bring an action in Federal District Court and they will only look at the record created for the appeal.

Grey and Grey will prepare the appeal on your behalf and help you prepare a winning record on appeal.  If viable, we will bring a case in Federal District Court to fight for you benefits.


Long Term Disability

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