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Grey and Grey L.L.P. was founded in 1967 and has been representing injured workers in claims for workers’ compensation benefits for fifty years. The firm’s partners and associates have a combined 175 years of experience in the field. Eight of the 11 attorneys in the firm’s workers’ compensation practice have at least ten years of experience in the field. Seven of those 8 attorneys have at least fifteen years of experience, and five have appeared before the Board for over 20 years. Our firm’s practice is limited to representing injured and disabled individuals, primarily in cases of on-the-job injury. Our attorneys have pursued and defended dozens of appeals at the Appellate Division, Third Department, and have appeared on multiple occasions before the Court of Appeals. Our attorneys hold leadership roles in organizations dedicated to the preservation and advancement of benefits for injured workers. Our members have presented dozens of continuing legal education lectures for a variety of bar associations about workers’ compensation issues. The firm’s attorneys have also made numerous presentations about the workers’ compensation system and benefits to non-profit organizations, unions, and community groups, and have written many articles about workers’ compensation for publications ranging from law reviews to newsletters. The firm’s attorneys are routinely quoted as authorities in Workers’ Compensation in the media and press. The firm’s attorneys review relevant decisions from the Appellate Division, Third Department on a weekly basis, as well as decisions of Workers’ Compensation Board reported in the New York Workers’ Compensation Law Reporter, Significant Board Decisions, Subject Numbers, and new forms are regularly and routinely distributed throughout the firm as informal continuing legal education to ensure familiarity with current legal developments. Click on an attorney’s name to read their bio and watch their video.

Attorney Brian P. O'Keefe Headshot

Brian P. O'Keefe

Attorney Daniel A. Dutton Headshot

Daniel A. Dutton

Attorney Alissa P. Gardos Headshot

Alissa P. Gardos


Sherman B. Kerner


Sanjai Doobay


Andra Fraiberg-Vetro


Ronald L. Epstein

Attorney Steven D. Rhoads Headshot

Steven D. Rhoads

Attorney Stuart S. Muroff Headshot

Stuart S. Muroff

Attorney Maribel Gomez Headshot

Maribel Gomez

Attorney Christa M. Collins Headshot

Christa M. Collins

Alex Rosada Photo_2109.jpg

Alexander Rosado

Maria Dudley Headshot

Maria Dudley

Rasheim Donaldson.jpg

Rasheim Donaldson


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