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VERDICT: $750,000 for a passenger who fell and fractured his leg when a New York City Transit bus pulled away suddenly from a bus stop.

SETTLED for $640,000: A school bus driver who sustained neck and back injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

SETTLED for $360,000: A 58 year old electrician who was a passenger in a shuttle bus which stopped short, throwing him out of his seat, causing neck and back injuries and disabling him from work.

SETTLED for $140,000: A postal worker who injured her knee in auto accident.

VERDICT: The $100,000 policy limit for a transit worker who injured his shoulder when struck by a car while trying to cross a busy intersection.

SETTLED for $100,000: A traffic enforcement agent was the victim of a hit-and-run accident involving a taxi cab. The injury was a torn meniscus in the knee. Our extensive investigation resulted in the medallion owner’s insurer offering the full policy limit of $100,000.

SETTLED for $100,000: A pedestrian was struck by a car in an intersection, breaking her nose. Grey & Grey obtained the policy limit of $100,000.

VERDICT: The $50,000 policy limit for sisters who suffered soft-tissue injuries when their parked car was struck by a passing motorist.


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