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SETTLED for $1.8 million: A nurse who slipped and fell on a wet floor, tearing her anterior cruciate ligament and later developing reflex sympathetic dystrophy (also known as chronic regional pain syndrome).

SETTLED for $1.5 million: A transit worker who suffered head injuries and cognitive loss when he was struck by a garage door that had been negligently installed.

SETTLED for $900,000: A 50 year old maintenance worker who fell from a roof. The case was originally been dismissed by a judge who found that the State had no liability. On appeal, the judge’s decision was reversed and the appeals court found the State 100% responsible.

SETTLED for $450,000: A 63 year old nurse’s aide slipped and fell on wet plywood that had been left by a company that was doing construction at his place of employment, injuring his neck and back injuries and disabling him from work.

SETTLED for $450,000: A truck driver who sustained leg and back injuries when he fell between the truck and a loading platform due to a negligently placed dock plate.

SETTLED for $283,500: An HVAC mechanic stripped and fell on fallen shelves while trying to exit a room where he had been repairing a broken air conditioner.

VERDICT: A worker broke his wrist when the forklift he was operating fell into a gap between a truck and the loading dock. The defendant refused to make any offer at all before trial, but the jury returned a verdict finding it 100% at fault. Grey & Grey was then able to settle the case for $275,000.

SETTLED for $195,000: A 62 year old NYC school aide slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the lobby of building, tearing a tendon in her knee. Our investigation defeated the management company’s claim that the condition had been completely resolved the night before the accident, and the case settled after depositions for $195,000.

SETTLED for $175,000: A 79 year old woman who injured her leg when it became tangled in shrink wrap left on the floor in a store.

SETTLED for $150,000: A 57 year old park aide who tripped and fell on a cracked sidewalk at a shopping mall, injuring her knee and rupturing her spleen.

SETTLED for $130,000: A 57 year old delivery driver who injured his ankle in a slip and fall in deli parking lot.

SETTLED for $90,000: A 43 year old woman aggravated a previous shoulder injury when she slipped and fall on snow in a parking garage.


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