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Worker Health Campaign

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The New York State Occupational Health Clinic Network has been flat-funded for over a decade. This year, the Senate’s proposed budget included a funding increase for the OHCN, but the Assembly’s did not. The Advisory Boards for the Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health have launched a Twitter campaign to advocate for the inclusion of the Senate’s proposal in the final budget.

Please follow @SelikoffOHAB on Twitter and interact with their tweets – especially this one:

OHCN has been flat-funded for a decade+. #NewYork needs to increase funding for the OHCN from $9.5 mil to $20 mil in the FY 23-24 NYS Enacted Budget. #FundTheOHCN #SixBucksForOccHealth #FightLongCOVID #WorkerHealthIsPublicHealth #EssentialWorkers #WorkerHealth #EssentialOHCN

The OHCN can be successful this year in enhancing the funding that is desperately needed for worker health initiatives – but it needs your help, and all it takes is a few likes and retweets! Please pitch in if you can.

You can also find Grey & Grey on Twitter at



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